Tuition & Fees


  • Basic Sciences Tuition (per year): $17,500
  • Clinical Medicine Tuition (per year): $19,700
  • Part-Time Tuition per Credit Hour: Not Allowed

Clinical Program Fees

All fees for the Clinical Medicine Program must be paid prior to graduation. A student whose account has not been paid in full, or otherwise cleared by the Finance Office, will be subject to cancellation of class enrollment.

KSMU reserves the right to withhold all diplomas, degrees, official transcripts and any other documentation from any student with outstanding financial obligations.

Fees & Deposits

One time student fees:

  • Application Fee: $135
  • Graduation Fee: $775 (To be paid year 6 prior to graduation)
  • Non-Refundable Administrative Fee: $100
  • Transcript Fee: $30
  • Returned Check (insufficient funds): $35

Annual student fees:

  • North American Student Process Fee: $600
  • Documentation Fee: $500
  • Student Activity Fee: $325
  • Lab Fee: $195

Tuition and fees listed herein are effective on March 1, 2016. We reserve the right to change tuition and fees or establish additional fees or charges any time such action is deemed necessary.

Late Fees

Students will be assessed a late fee of $200 for tuition not paid on or before the tuition due date. Tuition not received prior to the start of each academic term will result in cancellation of classes. (Rates are subject to change without notice.)

Dropped, Failed & Repeated Courses

Courses that are repeated because they were dropped or failed in a previous semester will be assessed a full tuition fee.


A request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing via your student portal. 

All tuition and fees are non-refundable after the start of class.

Tuition Payment Policies

The following are the Tuition Payment Policies for students at KSMU


All students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees in U.S. funds, by wire, personal check, bank check, money order, or electronic card payment via our payment processor one month prior to matriculation into each new academic year, whether in the Basic Sciences or Clinical Medicine Program.

All students entering into their first year, must pay all tuition fees 45 days prior to matriculation.

If payment is made by check, the cancelled check will serve as the student’s receipt. If a student remits a payment check that is returned due to insufficient funds, he or she must make any future payments in the form of a U.S. bank check or money order. Payment of all tuition and fees is due in full by the due date specified on the student bill. A returned check fee of $35.00 will be imposed for a personal check returned as not honored.


Students will be billed approximately two months prior to the beginning of each new academic year. Invoices are mailed to the permanent address on record for registered students and/or emailed or accessed via your student portal.

Student Health Insurance

Students at KSMU are required to carry health insurance coverage for the duration of their medical school program. Proof of coverage is necessary upon matriculation and is often required by hospitals prior to students beginning a clinical rotation. We can assist in guiding you to where to go for health insurance coverage.

Where to Send Payments

Payments for a student’s semester bill should be directed to KSMU’s Toronto Office. If a bill is not received, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the Finance Office.

Please mail your check or money order in U.S. funds, made payable to OSARA:
ATTN: Kazan State Medical University
250 Yonge Street, Suite 2201
Toronto, ON, M5B 2L7

Students can also wire funds—this is the preferred way of payment.  Wire instructions will be given to you along with your financial academic letter, which will be given to you after you have been accepted into the university.