Student Info

Documents to Bring

Bring These Documents

When you arrive at KSMU, you’ll need to have the following documentation with you:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid study visa
  • Migration card
  • School certificate
  • Medical certificate, including HIV test
  • Confirmation of financial resources
  • Other important documents and things

Valid Passport

Your passport must have at least 18 months of validity.

Valid study visa

You must arrive in Kazan at least a month before your visa expires. If you arrive in Russia with less than 20 days of visa validity remaining, you will be unable to extend your visa and will be asked to leave Russia prior to its expiration. If you’re unable to comply, you’ll be deported and not allowed to re-enter Russia for up to five years.

Migration card

While you’re flying, you should be provided a blank migration card. Should you not receive one during your flight, you can ask the cabin crew for one or pick one up at the airport. It’s imperative that you have your passport, visa and migration card before you leave the Passport Control at the airport. All of these items are necessary if you plan to extend your visa, and misplacing any of these items can result in fines or other serious penalties.

School certificate

You must bring original copies of your education documents, including grades. For those attending post-graduate programs, a degree certificate, along with academic transcripts, is necessary. All of these documents must be translated into Russian and notarized by a Russian notary or the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of issue.

Medical certificate including HIV test

If you’re planning to stay in Kazan for three months or longer, you must undergo a medical exam, including an HIV blood test, and obtain a health certificate stating that you are well enough to stay in the Russian climate. The health certificate must be issued by an official medical institution of the country of residence, and must convey a clean bill of mental and physical health. The certificate must also be translated into English or Russian, and the HIV test must be completed no more than a month prior to arriving in Russia. If, for some reason, health prevents an admitted student from studying in Russia, that student will have to leave Russia.

Confirmation of financial resources

Some students may be asked by the KSMU Admissions Department to provide additional documentation on financial support, including sources of funding that will be used to cover the applicant’s tuition and living expenses while residing and studying in Russia. This will occur upon receipt of the application and prior to processing an official invitation. Proof of financial support includes a bank statement or any other document that confirms the funds necessary to study and live in Russia, such as a letter of guarantee from a sponsor, scholarship organization or any other institution providing funding. Please note if you are getting student financial aid from one of the banking sources then please notify us of this and this will be your financial support letter.

Other important documents and things

  • Enough money (Russian currency and/or travelers checks) for accommodations, and living expenses until you’re able to open a bank account
  • All information KSMU has provided, including, but not limited to: enrollment and accommodation information, welcome guide, etc.
  • 10 passport photos. These photos must be black and white, with a matte finish, 3 x 4 cms., and have a white background
  • A letter from a doctor, if you have a health condition or will be taking any prescribed drugs
  • All original documentation required to enroll, including, but not limited to: original qualification certificates, letters of reference, etc.
  • Finally, we recommend you photo copy the personal information for your passport and visa stamp and keep these items in a safe place


  • Copy of the passport – 1
  • Copy of migration card – 1
  • Copy of visa – 1

Multiple visa extension

  • Copy of the passport – 2
  • Copy of migration card – 2
  • Copy of visa – 1
  • Photo 3×4 cm – 1 (matt)
  • Copy of medical insurance – 1

For the Dean Office

  • Copy of the passport – 1
  • Copy of migration card – 1
  • Copy of visa – 2
  • Photo 3×4 cm – 1 (color) – 6 (black&white)
  • Copy of school diploma + transcript + notarized translation – 1
  • Copy of the passport + notarized translation – 1

Recognition of education

  • Copy of school diploma + transcript + notarized translation – 1
  • Copy of the passport + notarized translation – 1
  • Original school diploma + transcript


  • Copy of the passport – 4
  • Copy of migration card – 4
  • Copy of visa – 4
  • Photo 3×4 cm – 1 (matt)
  • Photo 3×4 cm – 1 (color)
  • Photo 3×4 cm – 1 (color) – 6 (black&white)
  • Copy of medical insurance – 1
  • Copy of school diploma + transcript + notarized translation – 2
  • Copy of the passport + notarized translation – 2

Medical insurance

  • Basic 4 600 rub/year
  • VIP 52 000 rub/year

The fees

  • Multiple visa fee – 1 600 rub.
  • Recognition of education fee – 6 500 rub.
  • Notarized translation of school diploma + transcript – 3 600 rub. (approx.)
  • Notarized translation of passport – 1 000 rub. (approx.)