Royal College

KSMU Partnership

We are bringing the Royal College’s accreditation process and high standards to KSMU’s graduate medical education programs.  Through this partnership with the Royal College of Canada International, KSMU and RCCI are developing a roadmap to embed the CanMEDS competency framework in teaching, learning, assessment, and setting goals to enhance the quality of medical education at KSMU.  As a result, graduates of this program will be eligible to practice medicine in Canada and the United States.


The Royal College’s accreditation standards ensure the highest quality of medical education. Accreditation promotes excellence, providing trainees with the knowledge and expertise required to practice medicine at a high level.

The objectives of Royal College of Canada accreditation are to:

  • Improve the quality of postgraduate medical education.
  • Provide a means for objective assessment of training programs.
  • Provide guidance to universities and training centers in developing new residency programs.
  • Assist program directors in reviewing the conduct and educational quality of their programs.
  • Improve patient safety through better communication, assessment, evaluation, and the development of faculty and programs.


Royal College International conducts international outreach by forming academic partnerships with organizations sharing the Royal College’s values and providing educational and medical expertise that results in better patient care. Programs are delivered by Royal College International faculty who are experts in their field. Services include:

  • Faculty development workshops: Assessment.
  • Accreditation.
  • CanMEDS Conjoint conferences.
  • Accreditation of postgraduate medical residency programs and simulation centers.
  • Evidence-based curricula
 examination development and delivery.
  • Incorporation of the CanMEDS competencies into residency education.
  • Critical Care response training, development of CPD standards, policies and procedures.
  • Visiting Professors, Educators and Clinicians.